Our Mission

First Steps Early Learning Center was established to provide a fun, safe, nurturing learning environment to assist children in their developmental stages from infancy through Pre-Kindergarten.

Our Philosophy

The staff at First Steps believe that all children develop at different stages and learn through different methods. We believe in providing a nurturing family environment for our children so that they can feel safe and comfortable. We feel that once the child feels that he/she is part of a family, they can be confident and excel in their development.

Our teachers encourage social, physical, language and cognitive development through reading, art, music, dramatic arts, math, science, dance and play.

We believe that our children and parents are an extended family of our staff here at First Steps and hope that you feel the same as well.

True story

"I do it for my boys"

Just as any mom does, I want what's best for my boys. This is the reason why I started this journey. They are the reasons why I decided to go back to school and change careers. I've always had a huge love for children and always wanted to be a teacher. My dad said there was no money in the field and he was right. But the rewards we receive cannot be measured in monetary values. It comes in the form of a simple hug, a simple kiss, a huge smile or just knowing that we make a difference in their lives some how in some way! The children that enter the doors of my centers are like my own and I will make sure that they are treated that way, with the love and care and patience that only a mother can give!