Frequently Asked Questions

Q?How will I know how my child's day is?
AIn the infant and toddler classrooms, you will receive a daily report at pickup which will include your child's nap times, feedings, diaper changes and potty uses. Also in each classroom, you will receive a weekly report emailed to you which will include the events / activities of that week.
Q?Are the staff qualified to take care of my child?
A.First Steps has a rigorous hiring process. Our teachers are highly qualified and certified educators, hand selected for their education and experinence in early childhood education as well as for their remarkable compassion towards children. All of our teachers are certified in the State of Massachusetts. All of our assistants have experience working with children under 5 years of age. Each staff member is trained in First Aid & CPR as well as have cleared CORI and DCF background checks completed.
Q?What are your hours?
A.We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am - 6pm.
Q?Which holidays do you close?
A.We are open year round and close the standard federal holidays.
Q?Do you accept vouchers?
A.No we currently do not accept vouchers nor do we offer sliding scale fees.