Your child's health & safety is our #1 priority here at First Steps.

To ensure the safety & security of our children here, our entrance doors are always locked.  Our staff and parents are given uniquely coded security tags for access into entering the building during drop off and pick ups.  Only those that are authorized to pickup the child can do so.  No child is ever released to an adult without proper authorization & identification.

We also maintain the following to ensure the children's safety at all times:

  • Our center has been tested to be free of any lead paint.
  • The electrical outlets in our school are plugged with safety outlet caps.
  • All cabinets at children's heights are locked with safety locks.
  • All door knobs have safety knobs on the inside classroom side of all doors.
  • All or our classroom furniture is child friendly with no sharp corners.
  • The classroom chairs are non-tippable and have sides so the children cannot fall out from the sides.
  • Temperatures of the hand wash stations are set so as not to burn or scald the children.
  • No hot drinks are allowed near the children to prevent burns.

Health Standards:

  • Our school is cleaned every day and professional cleaned every week as well.  All of our toys, tables and chairs are sanitized daily.
  • All of our ducts have been professionally cleaned, sanitized and maintained to be mold, mildew and allergen free, so your child can breathe fresh, clean air.
  • Each staff member must provide a copy of their physical exam showing that they are in good health as well as immunizations as mandated by the Massachusetts Dept of Early Education.
  • We maintain health records and immunizations of all our children as well as outlined by the US Dept. of Health.
  • Handwashing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of germs.  All of our staff and children are required to wash their hands before and after eating, using the bathroom and going outside and various other activities.