I sent my son to FSELC from 9 months, he's now 3, and I'm MORE than thrilled with his social and educational development. He "tells" me things that I know he learned from school, b/c it is not even in my radar of everyday life-lessons:  "mommy, hawaii has "Bolcanoes" and they get Bery Bery hot and explode"  (he has a v=b thing)
But then again, he was an easy baby, an easy going toddler, he always transitioned well and breezed through his classrooms.  ? maybe i got lucky...

One thing I noticed from the start is that all the teachers seem to know all the kids, regardless of which class they're in.  My son walks through the building and gets "Hi Owen, good morning Owen, bye Owen... etc" from all different teachers.  I've always found that remarkable.

so Now I have a 5 month old girl at FSELC (Medford), she was a MESS to start.  Colic, cluster-feeding, manic naps... I had to start her in daycare at 3 months and I was a wreck b/c this was so different than my son's simple routine care and I wasn't prepared for it.

Now she's 5 months and a DIFFERENT BABY!  i'm not saying FSELC had anything to do with her personality change, babies grow out of colic regardless.  but they were AMAZING and never made me feel as if she was a burden or a problem, and they were very receptive to any minor changes I discovered/noted/wanted to try in regards to her demeanor.  When she finally started calming down and acting like a "normal" baby (she was pretty extreme) they made her a "certificate" for being such a good baby!  LOL.

When I walk in with my 2 kids in the morning, I feel welcomed.  When I leave in the afternoon, my kids are happy.  That's what's important to me.
-Anna F.  (08/17/2012)

We love First Steps for so many reasons - one of the first reasons is because right away, you can tell how much love and caring exists between everyone.  It truly feels like we leave our children at their "home away from home."  Sabira and all of her staff are the only family that we have trusted our kids with; we feel incredibly grateful for all that they continue to teach our children.
-Alison L.  (08/17/2012)

First Steps was one of the best choices we have ever made.  Our son adores all the teachers and other kids and is usually having too much of a good time to want to go home!  First Steps gives personalized care and attention to each student and their family and really makes parents feel comfortable with leaving their child each day.  Our son has learned so much during his 17 months at the center and has even taught us some sign language!  We love, love, love, love being part of the First Steps family!
-Leigh A.  (08/17/2012)

First Steps is staffed with caring and dedicated teachers who take the time to know each child and make their learning experience enjoyable. It never ceases to amaze me how much my children have learned and will be very prepared to enter Kindergarten. I am grateful for all of the changes that have taken place over the past couple years and highly recommend First Steps to anyone!
-Melissa S.

We switched to First Steps Early Learning Center after a bad experience with another center. From the moment we walked in the door, my husband and I knew we found the right daycare for our daughter. The center provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment for our daughter to spend her time away from us. The teachers are all absolutely wonderful! They are very into communication. They talk to us about how the day was spend and email us pictures of our daughter’s activities throughout the week. I’m amazed at how much she is learning. The kids do art projects which are displayed in the classroom and every week there is a new theme. Words really can’t express how thankful I am to have found such a wonderful place. The entire organization is one of the best run facilities anywhere around!
-Maria & Tracy N.

First Steps has been a wonderful experience that our family has enjoyed and will forever cherish. The program that you run is top notch! We have already recommended First Steps to our friends who some are already at First Steps or are on a waiting list and we will continue to spread the word about how fantastic your program is. Thank you for everything and may your days be blessed with continued success of your program.
-Patricia B.

Our daughter loves going to school every day. She has so much fun with her teachers and classmates – learning Spanish, growing cucumbers in the garden, exercising in the gym room…the list of fun activities is long!
-Gen and Samir H.

We enrolled our infant son at First Steps when he was 5 months old. As first-time parents of a preemie baby, we were extremely anxious about starting our son in day care. We heavily researched centers all over greater Boston, and we knew immediately that First Steps was the right place for our family. From our first tour, it was clear that both kids and parents were very happy there, and we were not nearly as impressed with any other center we looked at in terms of facilities, cleanliness, organization, activities, and overall philosophy and approach to both kids and parents. The staff has been beyond understanding with us as nervous parents, and very warm and loving toward our son, who is clearly so excited to be at “school” every day! You can tell a lot about a day care by the way the kids act—and react. Every day, we are so pleased to see all the infants in our son’s room smiling and playing—they are visibly happy to be there and love their teachers, who treat them with great care and tenderness. We consider ourselves so very lucky to have found a place that made our son’s transition—and our own!—so smooth and pleasant. He has thrived at First Steps and that is a testament to the quality and care of both the teachers and administrators. Now, I could not imagine our son NOT going to school every day, since he gets so much out of it. I know that would not necessarily be the case at just any day care, and we are thrilled with First Steps.
-Stacy N.

Our son was previously in a home daycare that was just not meeting our expectations for at the time our 2 year old son. We started the process of looking at new daycare facilities and went to First Steps for a meeting and fell in love with the daycare instantly and knew it was the perfect place for our son. We were extremely lucky that we were able to secure one of the remaining toddler spots available and he has been enrolled there for about 1 and 1/2. I cannot say enough about how much they teach the children and provide such a loving and caring environment to each and every child. It is comforting to know that while you are working that your child is surrounded by such wonderful and caring individuals.
-Doug & Aimee F.

Sabira, thanks again for everything, from calming Tom down in the beginning, to just making it feel like family, not somewhere who has to take care of our son! You are the best! We tell everyone we meet with any child under 5 !!!
-Jamie & Tom

Thank you for providing such a fabulous growing and learning environment for our little baby girl!! I wish you, your family and the school absolutely nothing but the best!
-Anne E.

Sabira, thanks for all the hard work and effort to help our kids learn and grow better. We couldn’t be more happy with the school and staff!
-Tina & Luciano

Dear Sabira,
I just wanted to share some positive feedback I received today when I took my daughter for her ESL testing for kindergarten. The person testing her was truly impressed with her abilities to read, write and understand. She indicated that it is quite unusual for children her age to be that well prepared and she said that I must work with her a lot. Naturally, I corrected her and said that it is actually your preschool. The teachers work very hard with kids, while at the same time they provide a happy and warm environment for them. I always knew my children are very happy there, but to hear such positive reinforcement from school was a nice addition. Needless to say I was very proud, and you should be too because it is your work. A big thank you to all of you at the First Steps for such an excellent effort with our kids! Thanks,
-Neda H.

This has been the most perfect first experience for a 1st time mom. I am confident no place could make me as happy as I’ve been. I thank everyone for their love, kindness & for teaching Dane new things everyday. There has never been a time when we didn’t get a smile, a hug, a kiss & he is so attached to all of you. Thank you for keeping him the goofy and wild dancing machine he is. Words cannot explain how grateful I am! Thank you!
-Kate F.

I am writing on behalf of my grandson. He started at your center in January 2010 after a very traumatic family occurrence. We were both welcomed there with open arms and with much sympathy and empathy. He was just 12 months when he started and continued there until he moved into his paternal aunts home when he was 18 months old. I am happy to report that he is thriving beautifully. I will never forget how kind Sabira and her staff were to me and my husband and how loving they were to my grandson. I will be forever grateful to all of you for all of your support during this most difficult time.
-Mary S.

Dear Sabira,
I don’t even know where to begin. First Steps has been such a wonderful, nurturing environment for my daughter. It is clear to me that you built the school first as a mother and second as a business woman. The children’s needs are clearly put first and their families are valued. It is evident that you connect with your staff regularly and know all about each individual student. You are truly involved in the day to day of the center. A few things that I love and appreciate about First Steps:
» the teachers: they are wonderful, thoughtful, warm, caring, nurturing and enthusiastic.
» the curriculum is clearly thought out, planned and age appropriate.
» the facilities: you have built a beautiful thoughtful center, especially the playroom and backyard.
» parent connections: the holiday shows, classroom newsletters, emails with pictures, parent teacher conferences
» great variety and choices of meals provided.
» the tuition price is right.
» the hours: being able to drop off at 730 and pick up by 6 allowed me to work a full day and travel.
Thank you for everything!
-Megan H.