First Steps Infant Program

Our teachers are specially trained and certified in infant care.

We structure your infant's daily schedule according to your needs. Your baby will maintain the routine that you have started at home for nap times and feedings.

The infant room provides a stimulating environment for your child to learn and grow. The infants in our program are given a nurturing environment with lots of one on one cuddling time.

We will work on developing your baby's gross motor and fine motor skills. Your child will learn basic skills such as reaching, holding, grasping, pulling, crawling, standing and eventually walking.

Infant Program

The infants in this program are engaged in music, art, play and communication through conversation and basic sign language.

We communicate to the children in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. This helps them to not only build their vocabulary, but also to have different means of communicating and expressing their needs. We also stress the importance of physical activity so we engage the children in baby yoga.

After joining our family here, you will feel confident that your child is in a nurturing, loving family environment where learning and development are part of their daily care.