First Steps Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our pre-k program is extremely unique and more advanced than any other pre-k program in the area. We have collaborated with Kindergarten and first grade programs in the area to develop a challenging curriculum.

The pre-k class is all about providing your child with the tools they need to succeed in preparation for kindergarten while still having fun in the process.

Pre-Kindergarten writing

Firt Steps Pre-Kindergarten

Your children will continue with Spanish immersion. They will also continue to work on their letters, numbers, colors and shapes but in a different way. Your children will be given the tools to develop their reading skills as well as their writing skills.

They will learn personal information about themselves such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Math is also an integral part of our curriculum here where the children will learn how to count, add, and subtract.

We emphasize the importance of science through exploration, animal life cycles, habitat and even visits from live animals.

Your child will explore their creative side through art, music and dramatic play.
We also incorporate cardio-dance lessons, yoga, alphabet fitness and sports to aid in their body development and physical well-being