First Steps Preschool Program

Preschool Art

The pre-schoolers in this classroom are taught communication and encouraged in verbally expressing themselves.

We also continue with Spanish immersion in this classroom as well.

They are introduced to reading and math. They are also exposed to science through everyday exploration.

Children are encouraged to express themselves through art and dramatic play.

They will continue to learn their colors, numbers, expand on their shapes, as well as starting to recognize their first and last names.

Physical fitness is also an integral part of your child's health and well being so they are given outdoor time twice a day. We also teach them basic yoga poses as well as Alphabet Fitness which enables your child to form letter shapes using their bodies. This not only builds their flexibility and increases circulation but also helps them learn their letters in the process.

We also incorporate cardio-dance lessons as part of our curriculum as well.

First Steps PreSchool Classrom