First Steps Toddler Program


Our teachers are specially trained and certified in toddler care. They spend a lot of group time with the children which helps them to learn how to get along in a group, how to listen and how to follow directions.

The toddlers in this classroom are engaged in communication through conversation and vocabulary development. They will also learn Spanish as well as sign language.

They are taught colors and shapes through art and cognitive development. Toddlers learn numbers and basic counting skills.

They are also exposed to science through everyday exploration. They are also introduced to basic problem solving skills.

In order to help develop their creativity, our toddlers are also engaged in art, music and dramatic play. We also stress the importance of fitness for your child's overall well being. They have outdoor time twice a day and we also engage them in Yoga as well.

We believe in providing a nurturing and safe environment to promote self confidence and aid in the development of their independence.

Helping to develop your toddler's independence plays an important role in our toddler program. We will practice their self help skills such as cleaning up, introducing potty training, good manners and sharing.

Toddler playing